Friday, May 25, 2007

'Makes me wonder' why I love this song?

It's been three days and I must have heard this song at least 200 times, now that is 700 mins or 12hrs we are talking about. Really makes me wonder why the fuck I love this song? I wonder why?

Maroon 5 - Makes me wonder

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Jordin...U deserve it...

The Moment

This is my now - Jordin Sparks' last performance

The new american idol has been crowned today. To be frank, everyone knew who was going to win this time right from the start. It had to be either Jordin or Blake. The rest were just crap except Melinda. Once again Simon is proved wrong. His views on Seattle being the worst destination for talent search is proven wrong by the finalists. His blunders in judgement isn't something new. If we recall, he was against Taylor Hicks making the trip to Hollywood last year. Coming to finale, I thought Jordin just swept away Blake with her amazing voice. To me, she was the best in all the three songs. Go Jordin Go...To think that shez just 17, wow! She will be a superstar.