Saturday, December 22, 2007

Bryan chante en français!!!

I knew Bryan was Canadian born to English parents but I never knew he sang a few in french. This is the first I've heard and the lyrics are 'superbe'!!!

Je suis là, me voilà
jamais je ne pourrais vivra sans toi,
me voilà, à tes cotés
ce soir j'ai le droit de rever.

un nouveau monde, une nouvelle vie,
nos deux coeurs battent au rythme de la prairie,
un nouveau jour, une nouvelle joie,
je n'attendais que toi, me voilà

Nous voilà, et tout commence,
j'attend depuis longtemps ce jour de chance,
oui! nous voilà, toujours ensemble,
ici sur la terre qui nous ressemble...oh...

ohhh... me voilà

oh me voilà, oh me voilà
à tes cotés, oh me voilà
et tout à coup, le monde est transformé
Me voilà ohhh, me voilà
je resterai, rien ne pourra
m'empecher , oh me voilà

je suis là

Friday, November 16, 2007

5 things "tough" being a Telugu boy

There are a million reasons to be a person belonging to the telugu community. However I feel that this community has designed a few stereotypes over the years and expects everyone to belong to one of those ASAP. Here are a few occassions when your relatives/parents try to make your life a living hell.

1. You are 21 and you do not have plans to go to a foreign country esp. USA.
2. You are 23 and you are not earning as well as some Tom, Dick and Harry that they know. Be assured that they will always know someone who earns more than you.
3. You are 24 and you aren't married yet.(Especially in my Reddy community)
4. You are 28 and you do not have kids yet.
5. You are 30 and you do not own a house and a car.

The list can go on but I need to be more than 30 years old to figure out the latter part of the list. Just an observation that I wanted to point out.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Oracle Fusion Gets a New Boss.

It's out in the public and hence I am posting this article from msn. Oh BTW, Thomas Kurian was born and raised in India.

Oracle's (ORCL) fastest-rising executive has just stepped into a job that could determine how successful the world's second-biggest software company will be during the next decade.

Thomas Kurian, described by turns as thoughtful, charismatic, eloquent, and ambitious, took the helm of Oracle's Fusion project on Oct. 15 amid growing worries that the pivotal, complicated initiative may underwhelm customers and investors when it arrives in late 2008. The aptly named project is a grand plan to stitch together the wide array of business software products Oracle has acquired in the course of a three-year, 35-company takeover binge costing $24 billion.

Kurian, previously the chief of Oracle's fast-growing middleware application business, has big shoes to fill. He's taking over for John Wookey, a well-regarded veteran beloved by developers and customers, who has been reassigned within the company. "There are lots of stars inside Oracle, but they put multiple stars next to [Kurian's] name," says Brent Thill, director of software research at Citigroup (C).

Will Fusion Deliver?

For customers and investors, a lot riding is on Fusion's success. So they'll be listening closely for rare public clues about the potential financial and technological impact when Kurian gives a speech on Nov. 13 at the Oracle OpenWorld conference in San Francisco.

The new suite of applications -- used for functions such as managing a company's books, keeping track of customers, managing payrolls, and planning manufacturing schedules -- is supposed to cherry-pick the best of Oracle's software collection. That includes applications from Oracle's homegrown line, as well as from PeopleSoft, J.D. Edwards, Siebel Systems, and smaller acquisitions such as Retek and i-Flex Solutions. The first version will likely include what Oracle considers its biggest guns -- its own accounting software, PeopleSoft's human resources product, and Siebel's customer management application -- melded together with a unified approach to storing data and interacting with the programs.

Many Oracle customers and Wall Street analysts are skeptical that Fusion can deliver what the company has promised. Corporate IT departments have been left in the dark about what to expect since Oracle has eschewed the usual practice of testing a major product upgrade with select customers at least a year or two before it's released. "No one knows because no one's seen anything," says Charles Di Bona, a senior equity analyst at Sanford C. Bernstein & Co. And some chief information officers still have a hangover from a buggy version of Oracle applications released in 2000.

For now, Oracle's customers are stuck with a passel of aging products for which they pay hefty annual technical-support fees, and which aren't particularly easy to combine with one another or the latest Web technologies. The first Fusion version of Oracle's applications will attempt to solve those problems using the Java programming language and "Web services," an industry term for a set of Internet communications protocols. If successful, Fusion will lower customers' IT costs, yet keep them doling out lucrative support and maintenance fees to Oracle for years to come.

Diamond or Dud

Oracle is already tops in database software. But with all the acquisitions, culminating in Fusion, it wants to unseat archrival SAP (SAP) for control of the applications market. SAP controlled 20.8% of the $56.4 billion market for enterprise applications in 2006, nearly double Oracle's 10.7% share, according to industry consultancy AMR Research.

If Oracle gets Fusion right, delivering cutting-edge technologies that make it cheaper for customers to build on its platform, the company may add to its applications market share. It would also help extend Oracle's reach into new markets such as retailing and transportation. And with one underlying software code to support instead of the current five, the company could make better use of, or cut, its $2.2 billion in annual research and development spending.

If Fusion's a dud, Oracle risks losing ground to SAP and (CRM), both of which have been quicker to deliver Web-based versions of enterprise software. The Web-based approach has grown in popularity because customers can lower the cost of keeping software up-to-date.

Worse, Oracle could lose customers to rival offerings from SAP, Microsoft (MSFT), and other competitors, a risk software companies face when they overhaul the code underlying their products. "In any technology architecture shift there are winners and losers, and you clearly want to be on the right side of that," says Peter Kuper, a vice-president and research analyst at Morgan Stanley (MS).

Unclear Road Map

It may take years and multiple generations of Fusion before the outcome is known. Murray Beach, president of investment bank Boston Corporate Finance, says he expects Oracle will have a strong offering in several years, by perhaps its fourth version of the software. "You're not going to see the best product the first time around," he says. Recent analyst speculation about a potential Fusion delay has died down, but some think Oracle simply readjusted its target. "Oracle will ship something in 2008 and declare victory that they got it out the door," says Citigroup's Thill.

At Oracle's annual shareholder meeting on Nov. 2, CEO Larry Ellison said some Fusion products will appear in 2008, and more in 2009. Customers will move to them "over a very long period of time," he said. Oracle declined to comment for this story.

But IT executives say Oracle's Fusion road map -- the multiyear plans tech vendors publish to show customers what to expect and when -- has been fuzzy at best. "Other than a lot of hype and hot air about Fusion, how is it really going to work?" asks Allen Emerick, IT director at Skanska USA Building (SKAB), a construction firm involved in projects such as the new NFL stadium at New Jersey's Meadowlands sports complex. "The timing has been all over the place." Skanska runs applications from J.D. Edwards, which Oracle picked up when it bought PeopleSoft. It remains unclear, Emerick says, how Oracle will get that software and its customized elements working with Fusion products.

The Uncertainty of Transition

Further complicating matters is the chance that Oracle could make another bid for middleware vendor BEA Systems (BEAS) [, 10/30/07], adding another alien product line that would need to be integrated into Fusion at some point.

SAP is trying to exploit the uncertainty, telling customers that Fusion's goal of tying together Oracle's various applications could be a red herring to get them to stay on board. "Maybe they were being a little naive" in thinking they could pull off the integration, and "maybe they were being a little marketing-oriented" in selling the Fusion concept to customers, says Bill McDermott, SAP's president and CEO for the Americas, Asia Pacific, and Japan. In September, SAP introduced an Internet suite of software [, 9/19/07] for small and midsize companies called Business ByDesign.

Oracle could quiet its critics with a strong early version of Fusion, or at least erode their arguments over time. Either way, the company has played its hand deftly while it makes the transition. First off, nearly all Oracle customers have been signed up for multiyear licensing agreements that will hold regardless of whether they choose to upgrade to Fusion. The company also has held onto customers of PeopleSoft, Siebel, and other acquired vendors by offering them lifetime tech support.

Kurian's Ascension

The aftermath of the power struggle between Kurian and Wookey could go a long way toward streamlining Fusion. Kurian's middleware group and Wookey's applications team were working on overlapping Fusion projects, and the two were fighting over pieces of Hyperion Solutions, the data-analysis software vendor Oracle bought in March, analysts say. In addition, Kurian was being recruited by other tech companies and needed a promotion to stay on board, according to sources.

To be sure, marginalizing Wookey, who had a reputation for holding onto key developers and fixing projects that went off track, could set Oracle back. "He was a tremendous asset," says Citigroup's Thill. "He's not someone who's easily replaceable." Wookey is staying on at Oracle to assist with the reorganization, according to an Oct. 15 e-mail Ellison sent to employees. Messages left at Wookey's office weren't returned.

A couple of years ago, Oracle president Charles Phillips introduced Kurian at a customer event in Boston as Oracle's potential next CEO. There's a long list of former highfliers and potential successors who are long since gone from the company, though, including venture capitalist Raymond Lane, former PeopleSoft CEO Craig Conway, and onetime heir-apparent Gary Bloom.

People who know Kurian say he's got the smarts and savvy to get even further ahead in Oracle's rough and tumble world. Shipping a winning version of Fusion would go a long way toward proving them right.

Copyright © 2007 The McGraw-Hill Companies Inc. All rights reserved.

Disclaimer: All the opinions expressed here are solely mine and do not necessarily reflect those of Oracle Corporation.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Nice guys do finish last!!!

The last week had thrown up a couple of shocking things. One in my work circle and the other in Indian Cricket. Both the incidents involve men who are right up there in my gentlemen list being stripped of their service. The first person is none other than Mr JW himself (Unfortunate that I can't list his complete name but you can get a hint as to who he is by going through some of my previous blogs). He had been one person whom an entire developer community could easily relate to and look up to. A mild-mannered executive who didn't tolerate crap from anyone but was always people oriented. I never imagined that this could happen to him but as they say, some things do happen for a reason. I feel uneasy writing the above few lines without being able to express freely. A blog is meant to be a tool for free expression, yet in this world you have to be careful at times as to what you write.

Moving on, the second incident relates to dropping Rahul Dravid for the final one-dayer at Mumbai. I thought that it was completely unfair and Rahul had been made a scapegoat for India's failure in this series. There were instances when a couple of players never managed to score prolificly for a couple of years but had opportunites showered on them. Yes, I am talking about people like Sehwag. Is this regionalism, marginalisation?? I do not know but I for one believe that there is a force in this cricket administration acting against him and I wouldn't be too surprised if Rahul chooses to quit one day cricket soon.

It was indeed a lot to digest but I guess one has to move on. After all, we've got to realise that life is unfair and get used to it.

Disclaimer: All the views expressed here are solely mine and do not necessarily reflect those of Oracle Corporation.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Will miss ya JW

The entire army of developers will miss your leadership. I personally loved the time when you were at the helm. Good luck for your future.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Okay...I do not hate Enrique's musique anymore

Wow!!I never thought I would say this. I do not hate Enrique Iglesias music anymore. These days I am in rythm with his kinda musique. I think Insomniac is his best album so far though many tend to differ. Is it me changing or he improving? Donno but not bad to have another music outlet to resort to.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Indians are Cowards.

A few years ago, I read an article by Francois Gautier (sorry for not using the cedille) that was titled 'Are Hindus cowards?'. I didn't give much thought to the article at that time but every time a bomb blows up killing hundreds of Indians, the article comes straight back to my mind. Of late, there had been so many blasts that I kinda believe in it now. Yes, we are cowards and have been for many centuries now. We've let almost every other race on this planet invade us. Yesterday's bombings have changed me for ever. I do not want to mention what I believe in at this moment as it is controversial but as I end this post I feel that ' We will patiently for another bombing in future, after all we are more than a billion is cheap'.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Music can heal.

This sort of phrase would have drawn a funny response ('Chandler'esque if I may put it) from me a couple of years ago. But no more. I am a firm believer in this phrase at this point in my life. I agree with most of my friends and colleagues when they tell me that I am running 5 years late in my life. I tend to go through stuff that a normal person of my age would have gone through 5 years ago. When I was in college, all I was interested in were Cartoons, F1, Cricket and any damn series on Star World or Zee English as opposed to my friends who had real problems I guess. Looking back, I think I did a damn good job in keeping my mind pre-occupied. Now that I am no longer interested in these and faced with reality, I find myself down a lot these days. Given a choice I would love to go back in time and erase certain things that happenned in my life but that would need divine intervention. The only thing that keeps me lively these days is Music(I hope my boss doesn't read this). If it was Taylor Hicks last year, it is Keith Urban these days. Donno why but I take a huge liking to their songs. Their lyrics touch me like no other. I want to be like how I was a couple of years ago. No worries, all fun and having a point of view on everything damn thing on this planet. It will take time but I will be back.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

11g has left the labs

Couldn't resist posting it.

Check out John Wookey hinting at one of the key capabilities of Fusion apps. Zero downtime patching. Beat that SAP!

Disclaimer: All the opinions expreseed here are solely mine and do not necessarily reflect those of Oracle Corporation.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Putting my Apple Inc hat on.

I recently read a post on the fake steve blog that caught my imagination. It explains how things work at Apple. The engineering is in the reverse direction. First the product looks are conceived and then technology is driven to achieve that. I think it is a lot different from how other companies work. Yes, the product to be created is decided at first but along the way, it undergoes changes say because there is no easier way to do it. Eventually the product is compromised and what you get is not what you wanted at the first place. Most people seem to happy at the end that at least they are able to turn around the product.

I have seen this myself in my day to day work. Technology tends to drive my decisions rather than the other way around. For once, I decided to change it, be it for a small application. My first challenge was to come up with an interface that was very intuitive. Once I came up with it, I put that on a piece of paper and would look at it each time I faced a road block in implementing it. It wasn't easy. My mind was ready for a compromise every other day but I just stuck with it. Eventually, I was able to implement it without any compromise whatsoever and I am very proud of it. Not sure if this would still get an approval from my product team but hey I have learnt a very valuable lesson.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Pratibha who?

Come 19 July and Pratibha Patil will most probably be the next president of India. Last week, when her name was pushed into the fray, I had no clue who she was. I thought that she was the wife of Congress' initial nominee Shivraj Patil. I am confident that it is the same with most of the young Indians. I had to actually google to find out who she was and wikipedia presents her as a 'Post-Emergency Indira loyalist'. Well, that should explain it, typical Congress politics. Drill down further and you can find a list of her credentials, credentials that would hardly make my hair on the back stand up. Given that she will be the successor to one of the most famous presidents that India ever had, I am ashamed that the UPA would stoop to such low levels in nominating a President that could best be described as a rubber stamp President.

I am not saying this because she doesn't look glamorous or westernised. It's just that there is nothing special about her. One can find 100's of women like her. If loyalty to the Gandhi family is the criteria for every major post in this country then it is time we kicked the Congress party out of power.

Friday, May 25, 2007

'Makes me wonder' why I love this song?

It's been three days and I must have heard this song at least 200 times, now that is 700 mins or 12hrs we are talking about. Really makes me wonder why the fuck I love this song? I wonder why?

Maroon 5 - Makes me wonder

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Jordin...U deserve it...

The Moment

This is my now - Jordin Sparks' last performance

The new american idol has been crowned today. To be frank, everyone knew who was going to win this time right from the start. It had to be either Jordin or Blake. The rest were just crap except Melinda. Once again Simon is proved wrong. His views on Seattle being the worst destination for talent search is proven wrong by the finalists. His blunders in judgement isn't something new. If we recall, he was against Taylor Hicks making the trip to Hollywood last year. Coming to finale, I thought Jordin just swept away Blake with her amazing voice. To me, she was the best in all the three songs. Go Jordin Go...To think that shez just 17, wow! She will be a superstar.

Monday, April 30, 2007

What the ????

I encountered the following advertisement on the streets of Hyderabad. Can't believe the way people are being taken for a ride.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Don't squeeze my hands..Oops!!!

Of late I am learning Salsa and an embarassing thing happenned to me during one of the sessions. I was dancing with this girl and all of a sudden she looked at me with anger and asked me not to squeeze her hands. My first thought was, Oops...had I been doing that out of nervousness. You know the pressure to get the steps right in the first instance is huge. Anyway I apologized, and after the break, I chose another girl to dance with. Whenever I get to dance I make sure to tell myself...don't squeeze the matter what you do..don't squeeze the hands you stupid!!!

Saturday, March 17, 2007

What is a Fusion Application?

For most of you watching the Oracle beast snapping up companies, the word Fusion should sound very familiar. Each of you might be having a fair idea by now as to what it means. For some of you it could just mean merging together all the best features of Oracle eBusiness Suite, PeopleSoft Enterprise, Siebel CRM, JD Edwards EnterpriseOne and World and Hyperion. Guess what, you are not wrong but there is much more to it. This is how John wookey defines the vision of Fusion applications in most of his famous all-hands meetings.

"In addition to merging many of the best features, functionality and architectures from our various application product lines and using the latest Oracle technologies, our goal for Fusion is to incorporate three strategic drivers into the applications we build and deliver. These strategic drivers will help differentiate us against SAP and bring new value to our existing customers. The three strategic drivers are 1) Adaptive Business Processes 2) Business Intelligence and 3) Superior Ownership Experience."

I am going to delve deeper into each of these aspects.

1 Adaptive business processes:

Let me put your brain to test before I explain what this aspect actually means? What is the only thing that is constant in this world? Bingo! you guessed it right. It is CHANGE. It is very important for today's customer to tackle change in her business by being able to proactively change the business processes in her software. Fusion applications deliver on this front like no other. Technologies like BPEL, SOA let a customer adapt to change ever so easily.


It stands for Business Process Execution Language and is an emerging XML based standard that uses webservices to orchestrate business processes. Because it uses Webservices, processes that span over multiple platforms/systems can be easily implemented. Customers will be able to easily incorporate Oracle delivered tasks and external non-Oracle tasks into their business process flows. Business Activity Monitoring or BAM sensors are added to these BPEL processes that enable customers measure their service levels. For eg., a customer can easily figure out the time taken to fulfill an order thus enabling easy identification of bottle necks, if any, in her system. She can then immediately act and declaratively change the process to remove the bottle necks.


Well, this seems to be the buzz world in the IT world these days. SOA stands for Service Oriented Architecture and it enables loosely coupled, coarse-grained systems interact in a seamless manner. In simple terms, it lets a C++ application running on a windows platform interact with a Java application running on a Linux platform in a standard manner. The real power lies in the ability to discover a remote system at runtime and invoke it dynamically. If you take a look at today's Customer portfolio, she has software systems from multiple vendors. For eg., a customer could be running Oracle fininacials, Peoplesoft HR, Hyperion analytics and SAP PLM all within the same org. It is very important for her to make these systems
talk in a seamless manner. This is where SOA fits in. SOA helps businesses respond more quickly and cost-effectively to changing market conditions they may face by promoting reuse and interconnection of existing business logic.

2 Business Intelligence:

Business Intelligence is all about providing users the information they need. They can then act upon this data to do a better job for their customers. Given that Oracle 'OWNS' the data by virtue of its database share, its only logical that it built business intelligence right into the core of the Fusion application architecture. The Fusion business intelligence encompasses four key areas

i) Role based dashboards:

In Fusion, dashboards will provide information and navigation at a glance and will be designed to be role specific. For example a dashboard for a purchasing agent would contain key purchasing metrics and information a purchasing agent typically needs daily to do his/her job. Depending on functional requirements, dashboards may leverage Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) technologies to display information real-time.

ii) Embedded Analytics:

These are implemented as portlets that appear on the right hand side of a web page and are linked to the main page via what we at Oracle call 'Context-Wiring'.Embedded analytics provide key supplemental information/analytics to help a user perform tasks more effectively. Embedded analytics provide the highest value when the task involves the user having to make a decision—like Should I book my flight on Jet airways or Indian airlines? In this example, understanding the historical on-time arrival rates is an example of a key analytic that can help the user make a decision about which flight to choose.

iii) Ad-hoc analysis:

Tools like OBIEE (Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition) formerly known as Siebel Business Analytics can be used to perfom ad-hoc analysis.

iv) Analytical applications:

These are a seperate suite of applications that provide analytic type of information to a select group of people within an organization. Examples include Profitability Manager (my product!!!!), Enterprise planning and budgeting etc.

3 Superior Ownership Experience:
This initiative is all about reducing cost, risk and improving overall customer experience. The main goal is to make Fusion applications the least expensive to own and operate. Some of the key initiatives that fall under this umbrella are

i) Application Lifecycle Management:

It encompasses areas such as reducing the downtime required during patching('0' downtime could be a reality. Just watch out), providing change management for updates and customizations.

ii) Supportability:
Main goals here are:

. Help customers proactively identify issues and resolve them before they become problems.
· Make it easier and faster for customers to solve their own issues.
· Reduce the time it takes Oracle Support to resolve issues that customers report.


Here's my favorite part. In Fusion, Oracle is planning to provide an UI second to none. Au revoir to those dull looking green webpages. All forms, JTT pages, OAF pages will be coverted to ADF pages. ADF faces based on Java Server Faces will provide a very compelling UI to the users.

There are a host of other initiatives under this section like better security, easier implementations, better quality and high performace and scalability. New tools and initiatives are being developed that will arm Oracle developers to achieve these.

Thus project Fusion is much more than merging various product lines. It will bring innovation to customers and help Oracle differentiate its offerings in the market place.

Note: All the views expressed here are solely mine and do not necessarily reflect those of Oracle Corporation.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Oracle Headquarters

This week I am at the head quarters to attend Fusion Subject Matter Experts training. I managed to capture a few pics of 'Royaume de Larry'.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Feeling down.

Its 2:43 PM and I am idling away at the office. Don't why but I feel a lot down at this moment. This is the first time in my life that I am feeling this way. Is such a feeling routine amongst adults? Does this signify anything related to my state of mind? Do I need something that I am being wrongfully denied? Too many questions... I feel like listening to something thats close to my heart. Which one? Searching my mind.....searching...still searching....okay, got it! This song is titled 'i will always be right there' and is one of my favs.

And the lyrics....awesome....I still remember them by heart. Here they go....

I swear to you - I will always be there for you -
Theres nothin I wont do
I promise you - all my life I will live for you - we
Will make it through
Forever - we will be
Together - you and me
Oh n when I hold ya - nothin can compare
With all of my heart - ya know Ill always be - right
I believe in us - nothin else could ever mean so much
Youre the one I trust our time has come - were not two
Now - we are one - ya youre second to none
Forever - we will be
Together - a family
The more I get to know ya - nothin can compare
With all of my heart - ya know Ill always be - right

Forever - we will be
Together - just you and me
The more I get to know ya - the more I really care
With all of my heart - ya know Ill always be...
Ya know I really love ya - ya nothin can compare
For all of my life - ya know Ill always be - right

I hear my phone ring ..someonez calling...may be the credit card ladies. My mind is programmed with the standard reply.

CC lady: Sir I am calling from XXX bank. Do u want a credit card sir?
Me: Thanks but I already have it.
CC lady: Do u need a personal loan sir?
Me: Thanks again but I do not need any.
CC lady: Sir, My name is YYY and pls take my number &*^%$#@,. Call me if you need it.
Me: Sure.

And I end the call.I do jot down the number though..just in case you know.
Hear the ring at Anupam's or Puneet's desk. Must be the the same lady.

I feel a bit better know after blogging. Blogging does help lighten your heart.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Good bye Kjetil.

I am sad at this moment to learn that Kjetil Kolin passed away last night. My heart goes out for his entire family. It was only 5 days ago that I last spoke to him. He asked me if I had a problem with his baby on the side while on the phone. I jokingly said that his baby was most welcome to give its inputs. We then went on for an hour discussing about XML Publisher. Little did I know about his cancer then. It was only after a day that one of my colleagues informed me about his serious case of liver cancer. My initial thoughts were of guilt for having disturbed him late in the night. Kjetil, forgive me for that.

May God be with your entire family in this moment of immense grief.