Sunday, June 17, 2007

Pratibha who?

Come 19 July and Pratibha Patil will most probably be the next president of India. Last week, when her name was pushed into the fray, I had no clue who she was. I thought that she was the wife of Congress' initial nominee Shivraj Patil. I am confident that it is the same with most of the young Indians. I had to actually google to find out who she was and wikipedia presents her as a 'Post-Emergency Indira loyalist'. Well, that should explain it, typical Congress politics. Drill down further and you can find a list of her credentials, credentials that would hardly make my hair on the back stand up. Given that she will be the successor to one of the most famous presidents that India ever had, I am ashamed that the UPA would stoop to such low levels in nominating a President that could best be described as a rubber stamp President.

I am not saying this because she doesn't look glamorous or westernised. It's just that there is nothing special about her. One can find 100's of women like her. If loyalty to the Gandhi family is the criteria for every major post in this country then it is time we kicked the Congress party out of power.