Sunday, April 01, 2007

Don't squeeze my hands..Oops!!!

Of late I am learning Salsa and an embarassing thing happenned to me during one of the sessions. I was dancing with this girl and all of a sudden she looked at me with anger and asked me not to squeeze her hands. My first thought was, Oops...had I been doing that out of nervousness. You know the pressure to get the steps right in the first instance is huge. Anyway I apologized, and after the break, I chose another girl to dance with. Whenever I get to dance I make sure to tell myself...don't squeeze the matter what you do..don't squeeze the hands you stupid!!!


Sai Prasad said...

Had a good laugh reading this. So you learing Salsa!?!

Sangeetha said...

he he...squeezing hands?! a good boy!!!!