Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Music can heal.

This sort of phrase would have drawn a funny response ('Chandler'esque if I may put it) from me a couple of years ago. But no more. I am a firm believer in this phrase at this point in my life. I agree with most of my friends and colleagues when they tell me that I am running 5 years late in my life. I tend to go through stuff that a normal person of my age would have gone through 5 years ago. When I was in college, all I was interested in were Cartoons, F1, Cricket and any damn series on Star World or Zee English as opposed to my friends who had real problems I guess. Looking back, I think I did a damn good job in keeping my mind pre-occupied. Now that I am no longer interested in these and faced with reality, I find myself down a lot these days. Given a choice I would love to go back in time and erase certain things that happenned in my life but that would need divine intervention. The only thing that keeps me lively these days is Music(I hope my boss doesn't read this). If it was Taylor Hicks last year, it is Keith Urban these days. Donno why but I take a huge liking to their songs. Their lyrics touch me like no other. I want to be like how I was a couple of years ago. No worries, all fun and having a point of view on everything damn thing on this planet. It will take time but I will be back.


Sai Prasad said...

You need some shake up. I'll be in India this weekend. We'll meet and have a talk :)

Naveen said...
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Naveen said...

Who said you are running late?? you are in fact running 5 years ahead of your age and that is why people around you feel that they are with a kid.. Cheer up dude..