Friday, November 16, 2007

5 things "tough" being a Telugu boy

There are a million reasons to be a person belonging to the telugu community. However I feel that this community has designed a few stereotypes over the years and expects everyone to belong to one of those ASAP. Here are a few occassions when your relatives/parents try to make your life a living hell.

1. You are 21 and you do not have plans to go to a foreign country esp. USA.
2. You are 23 and you are not earning as well as some Tom, Dick and Harry that they know. Be assured that they will always know someone who earns more than you.
3. You are 24 and you aren't married yet.(Especially in my Reddy community)
4. You are 28 and you do not have kids yet.
5. You are 30 and you do not own a house and a car.

The list can go on but I need to be more than 30 years old to figure out the latter part of the list. Just an observation that I wanted to point out.

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