Friday, November 28, 2008

The endurance of my beloved country, India

History tells us how my country had endured bloodshed for more than 2000 years. My forefathers hoped that the pain would end in 1947. For most part of the last 60 years, it did. But it has come to haunt India again in the form of terrorism. Not a month goes by without any terrorist attack. India again endured, like it did for centuries and then came Nov 26, 2008. The day that would be etched in the history as one of the darkest. The day when scores of people were left at the mercy of murderous criminals. As I write this, the crisis is still going on. I begin to wonder if this great country has anything left to endure even more. Some say that this crisis will be the glue that would bring together India's already fractured social fabric while others insist that this crisis will create a communal divide beyond the tipping point and tear my country apart. In my opinion both are distinct possibilities. We should seize this moment to achieve the former. This day should be remembered as the day when the whole of India stood up and said in one word 'We are one and we will not give in to the machinations of these terrorists'. We should build the society again brick by brick. Yes, it is going to be a long arduous task but let me tell you, it is our only hope. If we let go of this opportunity, we would end up as a bunch of 25 regions trying to live together for no apparent reason. I hope that common sense would prevail.

I never thought I would cry watching a news channel. It happened today. Something in me tells me to give up what I am doing currently and strive towards rebuilding the society in some capacity. I do not know if this is knee jerk reaction but I certainly know that a thought has been seeded in my mind.

Before I end this, I would like to thank all those brave men who showed up for duty to protect their fellow human beings. India salutes you! I sincerely hope that all those politicians who were trying to divide us based on regionalism realize that the people who saved their city are indeed from other parts of the country. Jai Hind!

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