Thursday, July 06, 2006

The Class

I just finished reading Erich Segal's 'The Class' and honestly, it blew me away. It was a 'Class' apart and one of the best novels that I've ever read (Believe me, I haven't read many). What amazed me was how the author could string the lives of five Harvard men into a page turner. There was not even a single moment when I felt bored. The novel teaches us how important love, family and friendship are important in our lives. We are ceratin to pay for our successes in one way or the other. We will grow old and no matter how much we achieve these things are the ones that will count in the end. I am certainly gonna keep this in my mind. Let me see if the novel has taught me one of the secrets of life.



Sai Prasad said...

Nice to know you're taking time to read good stuff.

And even I got to read this one.

Gopi Don said...

Yeah! I really liked it but like I said I haven't read many.